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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Life Ate my Time !

everything that you can say is already said before,
whatever is important, now it doesn't allure,

every gesture that you make is already done before,
when to initialize, I just need to be assured,

every expression that you take is already made before,
who should I care about, may be I am too insecure,

every joke you do, on that, people have already smiled before,
There's no comedy movie left to laugh, just check, go run to store,

every place you planned to go , yeah, is already visited before,
what should I do to me, just pack my love and go to tour.

why should I ever be cornered, just watch Avengers only for Thor. 

-Ashish Sharma

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Most Useful Mouse Tips & Tricks | Work Faster Now ☻

So here are those Top 10 Computer Mouse Tips :

1) Shift Key and Mouse Click:
Computer Mouse - Left Click
Many Text Editors and Programs allow us to Highlight All or Portions of Text using the Shift Key and the Mouse.

For an example and giving it a try, place the Cursor at the Beginning of a Paragraph, Hold down the Shift Key and Click at the End of the Paragraph to Highlight the Full Paragraph.

2) Take Full Advantage of the Scroll Wheel.
Computer Mouse - Scroll Click
We all know that the Mouse Wheel ( Scroll ) is used to Scroll Up and Down on a Page. However, this Wheel can also do Much more like :

The Mouse Wheel can also be used as a Button. Pressing down on the Wheel will act like a Third Mouse Button. This can be used to Open a Web Page in a New Tab. Simply Click the Wheel on any Link and the Web Page will be Opened in New Tab.

Computer Mouse - Ctrl plus Scroll
>> We can quickly Zoom In and Out on a Web Page, Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, etc. by Holding down the Ctrl Key and Scrolling Up to Zoom In and Scrolling down to Zoom Out.

We can move Forward and Backwards while Browsing the Internet by simply Holding down the Shift Key and Scrolling Up and Down. Scrolling down goes Back and Scrolling Up goes Forward.

3) Select with Double and Triple Click.

Computer Mouse - Double Click
We can Select any Word by Double Clicking on that Word and if you want to Highlight the Whole Paragraph, click the Mouse Button Three times on any Text in the Paragraph.

4) Take Full Advantage of Right Click.

Computer Mouse - Right Click
If you Right Click on any File Drag it while holding the Right Button of Mouse, when you let go you will be given the Option to Move or Copy that File. This saves you the Extra Step of having to Right Click where you want to Paste the Item ( File ).

5) Ctrl Key and Mouse Click.
We can also Open a Web Page in New Tab, while in a Browser by Pressing and Holding Ctrl Key while Clicking on any Link..

Computer Mouse - Ctrl plus Click
While holding down the Ctrl key we can Left Click to Select Multiple Objects or Highlight Multiple Sections of Text.

6) Use Mouse Side Buttons.
Computer Mouse - Side Buttons
Many New Computer Mice have Buttons on the Side of the Mouse. These Buttons can be Programmed to do Anything ( all possible Navigation ), however by default the Left Thumb Button can be used to go Back in a Web Browser or Windows Explorer. This makes Browsing the Internet more Enjoyable since you do not need to move the Mouse Cursor to the Browser Back Arrow Icon in order to go back a Page.

7) Use the Windows ” Snap To ” Feature.

Computer Mouse - Snap To Feature
This Feature if enabled will Automatically move your Mouse to Buttons that appear in a Dialog Box.
For example, if you Delete a File or Close a Window you may get a Prompt asking you if you are sure you want to perform the Task. With the Snap To Feature Enabled, the Mouse Cursor Automatically moves to the Ok button, so all you will have to do is Click the Mouse Button if you Agree. This saves you the time of having to move the Mouse Cursor over to the Ok Button and then Click Ok.

To Enable the ” Snap To ” Feature follow these simple Steps :
>> Open Control Panel  >>  Mouse Properties  >>  Pointer Options  >>  Check the ” Snap To ” Check Box.

For more Productivity, we would suggest you to Modify some more Options available in Mouse Settings Like :
>>  Increasing the Motion Speed of Mouse Pointer can also help Increase your Productivity while using the Mouse.

8) Manage the Open Window with the Mouse.
Computer Mouse - Maximize or Minimize Window
Double Click the Top of Title Bar of any Window to Maximize or Minimize a Window. You can also Double Click at the Top Left Corner of the Window to Close that Window instead of Clicking on Red Cross Button i.e. for Closing Window.

9) Move the Mouse with your Keyboard.
Computer Mouse - Use via Keyboard Number Pad
Instead of using the Mouse, we can also Enable Windows to use the Number Pad as a Mouse.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Evil Meme Collection :|]

This is the best GIF you are ever going to see. Though it's not great in pixel quality but is having perfect amount of content quality.

Now time for some evil my friends

next time comment with this when someone uploads his/her profile pic on Facebook :)

And If someone irritates you, you could always use the badshah of memes. :) Here:

And if he is stubborn then also, or he is not in his best mood, you can use this light hearted mood breaker :)

XeeMez Ashu
Author, Content Creator
Web Designer by profession, blogger by passion.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Aakhiri Sapna

A Poem By Me
ek chidya hai bahut choti si, wo daal par baithi hai,
shaam dhalte ja rahi,raat hone ko aarahi,
phir dheere se wo chota sa dil darta hai,
lambi si sans bharta hai,
dekhta hai doobte suraj ko us din aakhri baar,
aur phir ujale ko andhera harta hai,

subah ka intezaar na tha us pakshi ko,
wo dhund raha tha to bas apne antarman ko,
kisi nadi kinare wo usko kho baitha tha,
jo intezaar nahi kar sakta agle sawere ka,
aur phir uske bina wo sach me ro baitha tha..

kuch khwabo ki taarikh thi,purane panno me soyi si,
dheeme se kohra hata, aur sab kuch kahi gum ho gaya,

na to darta tha wo ghane andhere se,
lekin andhere se madad ki aas bhi to nhi thi,
ujale ki ek kiran ke badle, apni jaan bhi wo de tha sakta,
kyun na deta, aur kisi cheez ki chhah bhi nahi thi,
dhundne ke liye nikalna tha na mumkin,
bina dhunde jeena bhi to na mumkin tha,
lekin srishti ko iski parwaah bhi to nhi thi,

pehle se hi bahut pareshan thi wo chidiya,
upar se usko neend aarahi thi,
nirash, bina prakash, ab wo khone jarahi thi,
ab usko na gham hai aur na hi khushi,
ab sapno me use dikh gaya hai uska antarman,

ab wo jee rahi hai khulkar apne sapne me,
bhool kar ki hai bas ye kewal andhere ka bhram,
ab subah hone ko hai,kahani khatm hone ko hai,
neend khulti hai uski aur wo phir se sone ko hai, 
antarman se ek baar aur bichadna tha,
takleefo ko aur se aur badhna tha,

ek baithak ki niyukti thi, kisi parichit si jagah par,
kuch panne fate the, aur sab kuch kahi gum ho gaya,

lekin wo chidiya ab aur dukhi na ho sakti thi,
ab uske mann me kewal antarman ki bhakti thi,
ab na hi usme aur jhelne ki bachi shakti thi,
wo to aagayi, lekin uska man ab bhi tha wahi,
toote sapne se wo ab tak theek se thi uthi nahi,

sach to yahi tha ki wo sirf ek ghayal sapna tha,
ek dhundli si raat thi, aur na hi koi apna tha,
dheere se neend toot gayi, zindagi ki preet gayi chhoot,
ab wo haarkar us daal par baithi thi, aur uski aankhe band huyi,
phir se neend aayi thi, ab wo har samay ke liye so gayi.
ek daal aur toot gayi thi, aur sab kuch kahi gum ho gaya...

-Ashish Sharma

Thursday, 5 June 2014

13 Interesting fact about EyeGlasses.

  • The use of corrective lenses dates WAY back- as early as 54 AD, Roman Emperor Nero used an emerald as a binocular during gladiator games.
  • Contrary the common story that reading in dim light is harmful to your eyes, this is actually incorrect. Good lighting does make reading easier and can reduce eye tiredness, but reducing lighting won’t damage your eyesight.
  • Another common theory is that wearing glasses will then cause you to become dependent on them – however this is not the case as the feeling you get is just your eyes getting used to seeing clearly.
  • Around 25% of the world’s population actually require spectacles in some format.
  • In numerous African countries, the cost of eyeglasses can exceed the average person’s three months’ worth of salary.
  • Sunglasses in 12th century China (or possibly earlier) were created out of flat panes of smoky quartz, and were used by judges to hide their expressions when interrogating witnesses. After all, they do say the expression is all in the eyes…
  • Insect eyes are often divided into multiple smaller eyes.
  • Squids have the biggest eyes in the world at approximately 18 inches in diameter. That’s roughly the size of a beach ball!
  • In the first hours after a baby’s birth, they actually view the world upside down. Why? Their eyes project an inverted image onto the retina, as it takes time for the body to learn how to invert the image again so it can be viewed properly.
  • It is recommended that you never use tissue or paper products to clean your glasses, because it is derived from wood and will scratch your lenses.
  • Polarized lenses make LCD screens tough to see.
  • Spinach and other dark-leafy vegetables are the best for your eyes, not carrots as widely believed. 
  • However, out of all the attempts to improve vision, this has to be one of the strangest superstitions and folk remedies yet. In the past, many sailors believed that wearing gold earrings would improve your vision!

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